Our Mentors

The Mamahood Mentors are a panel of industry experts. Women who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, here to support you no matter where you are in your small business journey. They contribute regularly to our community, sharing their guidance and advice and are available for 1:1 consultations. As a member of The Mamahood you have direct access to the expert advice of these experts.

Diana Bardega
The Mamahood

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Diana is the Founder of The Mamahood, and has been build championing and supporting small businesses for the last 5 years. Having been on her own entrepreneurial journey after Motherhood, Diana understands all too well the challenges of strating a business at the kitchen table. Prior to starting the Mamahood, Diana worked in the charity sector working with small businesses and brands as well as large and multiple retailers. Her expertise ranges brand positioning, strategy and

Rosie Davies-Smith
PR Dispatch


Rosie is the founder of LFA, and PR Dispatch, the first PR membership platform dedicated to supporting independent brands to pitch their products to print and online publications. Rosie started PR Dispatch wanting to give brands with great products the knowledge and tools to pitch their products to the press. PR Dispatch gives members press contacts, workshops, a community of like-minded brands and support from PR experts for affordable prices.

Joanne Griffin
Arnold & Bird

Joanne Griffin    Arnold& Bird   Arnold & Bird was started by Joanne Griffin to help home & gift retailers see what’s possible and stretch their products ideas even further. She specialises in producing product development ideas and designs for creative brands that are intentionally planned to sell and grow your business  Using her experience of 13 years in e-commerce, Joanne is here to take your Pinterest inspiration and work with you to create products and designs personalised to your business.  Quote MAMAHOOD for 10% off your first booking for bespoke services that include product design consultancy, full-day brainstorming sessions, branding and graphic design.