We are kicking off a new series here for The Mamahood! We will be sharing short stories, letters and insights into the topics that matter so much to many of us as mothers - from managing the juggle of motherhood with creativity and work, finding our purpose and place, to setting up a small business and creating ones own destiny. I hope you find these inspiring to read. 

And who better to kick things off than the legend that is Holly Tucker. Holly a mama of one, is the co founder of notonthehighstreet and founder of her latest venture Holly & Co a community providing advice and inspiration to makers and artisans. Holly was awarded an MBE for services to small businesses in 2013 and is also UK Ambassador for Creative Small Businesses.

Here she shares a very personal insight into the challenges she has faced as a working mother, what it meant for her family and her place within it and the beautiful insight that it doesn't actually matter how we play the mother role within our families, we still shape and influence our children in the very best way.  What an empowering and liberating thought! Over to Holly...

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I started when my son, Harry, was just three months old, which meant my workload had to exist around my newborn baby. Luckily for me, I was able to be successful whilst working flexibly, and I’m now able to offer similar setups for my team at Holly & Co. I have no doubt that they’re happier and more productive because they can take the time out from the working week to be with their children, run errands, or just have a day to themselves.

Over the years I’ve always played a certain role within our family; a hardworking mummy. This job comes with a lot of baggage; the stress, the tiredness, the arguments, the sadness, the happiness and a million more emotions brought into a household, when you're a founder of and then you find yourself having to do it all over again with a brand new business.

Harry’s only ever known me as this kind of mum. I was never able to lie on the floor and 'play' - I actually don't think I've ever 'played' with him. My wonderful Frank is amazing at this, always has been. I’m the 'useful' mum - designing bedrooms, getting Harry Potter books and helping him deal with school ground antics.

But this summer, something changed. I got to 'play' with my 12 year old, because he entered my world as a young man. He did an apprenticeship at the shop and I watched the 'work bug' hit him. I watched him bloom in the diversity of business. He would be down there first thing, not wanting to leave, seven days a week if we allowed him! I watched him find himself. As a result, I’m in a bubble of love, excitement and awe.

He will now spend his weekends and evening building his company with me. We are carving out an area in my home office for him, so we will share our entrepreneurial space. We've made a plan till he is 18, incorporating his goals and combining his schooling. I’m so excited at the prospect I get to work with my son, and watch him grow into a creative, entrepreneurial young man.

Find Holly at Holly & Co - you will find advice, inspiration and everything in between. 


Do you have a story or experience to tell? Please get in touch to share any articles or writing on these topics! We welcome submissions for written pieces too!  

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