I never really have enough time to read all the wonderful blogs out there. But one I do love, and always make time for, is kids fashion and lifestyle blog Finlay Fox.


Its written by North London mama Emma Paton and she shares her cool finds for little ones and mamas and is also a big supporter of small businesses. Who better to ask to share some of her faves from the Mamahood Marketplace? Come and have a read of her fab edit:

I love this product as it is a must have for any child who has just learnt to walk and years beyond. Plus its unisex and is great for pushing dolls, robots, toys and blankets around. This was an essential in getting my son to walk anywhere as we tried to stop using the buggy so much, he would happily push it all the way to the shops!

This large Mama clutch is the perfect size for carrying around all your bits! As a mum we have so much stuff and are constantly packing and re-packing our bags. Its really handy to have one or two extra compartments to store it all in. This one can carry nappies and wipes or more importantly for mama - makeup and snacks! Love that you can pick your colour fabric.

Cotton Twist party bags look genius - so much better than the usual tat you end up with! We love the nostalgic crafty feel and what this company is all about.

Wooden toys are my favourite as they look so nice and make great heirloom/ hand me down pieces. I love the look of the wooden sushi game set and Forest set - they would make beautiful gifts and I'd quite like to play with both sets myself :)

The cloud mobiles look ace - who doesn't love a bit of sparkly glitter?! This is top of my list to get for Violets nursery... now which colour to go for??

Thank you Emma! Such gorgeous picks! All the companies and their products in Emma's edit can be found in the Marketplace - and all with exclusive discount codes! Happy shopping!

SHOP EDITDiana Bardega