Erica Davies, The Edited

Tell us about yourself? 

I'm Erica Davies and I'm a fashion editor who has spent the best part of - eek - twenty years working on national newspapers and glossy magazines. Three years ago I founded a fashion and lifestyle blog, which is called The Edited. I went freelance six months ago to balance the family life / work life juggle!

What is The Edited and why did you set it up? 

I wanted to create a blog that was a magazine-style mix of everything I loved and that my friends love. Whether it's an amazing style trend easily replicated on a budget, a brilliant t-shirt for the kids or a home wear trick we all need to know about, I wanted it to be in The Edited. As I've been a fashion editor for so long, finding those little gems is what I love to do!

How do you balance running it with motherhood? 

Do any of us ever feel we're doing well?! I certainly don't after a day of trying to reply to work emails or answer calls while ignoring my children, I feel like the world's worst mother! I really hate the fact I am constantly clutching my phone - what's it teaching my children!? And yet, I have to check! I think it's all about balance. Trying to carve out time for your work is key - whether it be asking a friend to take the kids for an hour or so, or paying a childminder for a day or two a week. That way you can focus on work when they're not there and be present as a parent when they are. I went freelance because I wanted to be around to collect my son from school and because the freelance opportunities were growing. With planning, you can do both, but you definitely have to allocate time to work and try not to let it spill over to that post-school / pre-bed special time.


What do you love about SE London and particularly being a mother here? 

So much! My husband and I have the 'when shall we move out of London' chat about once every month but we just can't see why we would leave just yet. My son has happily settled in primary school on the next road to our home and my daughter loves her pre-school. I love the fact that I can walk down the street and a 5 minute journey takes three times as long because there are so many people I know, there's a lovely sense of community with lots of like-minded people. Our area has lots of new eateries popping up, we're spoilt for choice with coffee shops, there's a monthly street market which brings everyone together and we have access to more than one gorgeous park. Plus, we're a quick train journey away from Central London if we want weekend culture.


Finally can you share one secret tip for other mothers in our area?

On a sunny day, go early to the sandpit in Brockwell Park. It's a safe, enclosed space which means the kids can run wild and there are copious benches for you to sit and grab some rays while 'keeping your eye' on them! I also love Otter Trading cafe in West Norwood, for their amazing 'Baked Eggs' and for their lovely mix of products from local traders. Go mid-morning as it gets packed after school drop-off!

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