Tell us about yourself? 

I am Kay Vincent Founder of ‘Ketchup on Everything’ and living in East Dulwich. I have two wee ones Freddie who turned one a few weeks ago and the other is very hairy, Ned the dog. In fact I should really say I live in Peckham Rye Park as we spend more time there than at home!

What is Ketchup on Everything and why did you start it?

Ketchup on Everything was born before I had Freddie, but has really taken off post baby! I worked freelance 4 days a week in a fast paced environment as kidswear print designer for the highstreet. On my Friday day off, I would screen print at a studio in Peckham thus creating my ‘Animal Alphabet’ design. It took so long to print each letter in editions of 100 in 3 colours but was so nice to have a change from sitting at computer all day and my arms got really toned! At KOE most of my products are inspired by my collections of junk shop/ car booty finds- vintage kids books and toys, which give my Animal Alphabet a very retro feel. I also do personalised name prints, melamine placemats and coasters and now am very excited to have it published as a book! 

How do you balance motherhood with running a business?

I generally do my packing orders when Freddie is napping and I’ve got to say cbeebies has saved my life! Mr Tumble and co spend a few hours a day entertaining him while I sit on computer and our trips to the park (walking the dog) are always via the post office dropping off orders. I would deffo say signing up to ‘post and go’ was such a life saver, no more queing with screaming baby! Happy days!

What do you love about SE london and particularly being a mother here?

So many baby group’s classes & beautiful parks, oh and Horniman Museum is a life saver for rainy day fun!

Can you share one secret tip to other mothers in this area?

If Im feeling run down from lack of sleep I find an ‘all green’ juice from the Ali Baba juice bar on Rye Lane in Peckham gives me back my super powers (its hidden down a little alley way at the side of the bridge)

You can find Kay on her at Ketchup on Everything / Facebook Instagram . 

But best of all, mamas can use code ABC for 20% off personalised name prints, or code MAGIC for 10% off other items. Collection is also available from Barry rd if you would like to pop by and pick up a signed copy of the Animal Alphabet book!