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Meet The Mama

Meet The Mama

Mother of three, Sydney Piercey, lives the life we all dream of, in the French Countryside. Passionate about re-use, creativity and pursuing a slower, more sustainable life, Sydney has become well-known online for creating toys for her children using cardboard. Sydney's first book, Sustainable Play: 60+ Crafts for an earth - kind home is available signed on our website now.

Here's Sydney's Top 9 Sustainable things to do in the sunshine... 

Colour Hunt

🎨   Colour Hunt - Paint an empty egg carton and go hunting for things in nature which match.


Muffin Tray Treasure Hunt

🧁  Muffin Tray Treasure Hunt - Fill a muffin tray with different things found in nature. Place just one each item in each of the sections and send your little ones out to find more of the same.


Journey Stick

 🌺  Journey Stick - Wrap twine around a stick and tuck in flowers and foliage as you take a sunshine stroll.


Shadow Drawing

 ☀️  Shadow Drawing - Draw around the shadow of your toys in the sun. We like to draw around each other too, taking turns to lie down on a long length of Kraft paper or using chalk on the patio.


Sow Seeds

 🌱 Sow Seeds - It’s the perfect time of year to plant things, you can use so many things around the house for planting seeds.


Outdoor Theatre

 🎭  Outdoor Theatre - Make up shows and perform outdoors! With the evenings staying lighter for longer this is our go - to activity for the last hour or so before dinner time!


Nature Noughts and Crosses

 🍃 Nature Noughts and Crosses - Our fun spin on the game is to recreate it using things found in nature making it a new and exciting game every time.


Water Painting

 💧 Water Painting - Simple but so effective: giving little ones paintbrushes and pots of water to paint the garden wall or floor.


Story Picnic

📚  Story Picnic - Take a blanket and an assortment of books (or toys, or both) and have a “picnic” of them in the sun. 

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