About Us




The Mamahood® is building a unique and dedicated community of creative mothers across the UK. Everything we do aims to encourage mothers to meet, make, share, create, talk and trade together. Mothers supporting mothers!

We celebrate the transformative power of Motherhood that enables women to unleash their creative potential and redefine themselves as entrepreneurs and female founders.

We organise creative and inspiring events – workshops, supper-clubs, talks - that bring like-minded mamas together, face to face, in their own neighbourhoods.

We champion the best in mama makers and mama-run business. We believe more people should know about the inspiring creative businesses run by mothers and support and buy from these small businesses where possible.

Because when mothers support each other, incredible things happen!

Read more features, press an interviews with our Founder Diana here.

If you are interested in collaborating or joining our growing community of creative entrepreneurial mamas, we would love to hear from you!