What We Do

We CELEBRATE the transformative power of Motherhood that enables women to unleash their creative potential and redefine themselves as entrepreneurs and female founders.

We CURATE and CHAMPION the best in mother makers and independent mum-run business. We believe more mothers should know about inspiring creative businesses founded by their fellow mothers, and we should all support, buy and trade with these small businesses where possible.

We COLLABORATE and offer a platform for all mothers – from those with just the seed of an idea, right through to those with established businesses to come together in our network, to find community, kinship, networking and the opportunity to share resources and support.

We CONNECT by organising useful events, meet ups and services that help and support mothers in their small business journey.


The Mamahood® is building a unique and dedicated community of creative mothers across the UK. Everything we do aims to encourage mothers to connect, collaborate and trade together. Because when mothers support each other, incredible things happen!

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